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There are not many accessories you need to be perfectly prepared for the daily operation. However, we recommend you some products which can make maintenance and operation more efficient for you. With BPW accessories, driving will be simply better.

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ECO Wheel

Aluminium wheels really do make it easier for you to save money when driving. They only weigh half as much as steel wheels and, what's more, are more robust and smoother running. Bank on the ECO Wheel and enjoy the benefits of a forged aluminium wheel.

Landing gear

Robust: Just the right thing for usage in heavy jobs with a trailer, thanks to the reinforced shaft for the absorption of lateral forces and the continuous screw-on plate for optimum strength.

ECO Meter

The BPW ECO Meter is a kilometre counter integrated in the hub cap. It makes sure that you can always check the actual mileage of your trailers, even when they are used with different tractor vehicles. The ECO Meter has been further optimised for the ECO Plus 2 axle generation: for example, it has been given a designed hub cap, and the visible contacts have been moved inside the housing for optimum protection against dirt.

Axle load pressure gauge

The BPW axle load pressure gauge gives you reliable information about the current axle load of your trailer. Not only does this offer you extra safety with regard to overloading, but also saves you valuable time because checking the loading condition using an axle load pressure gauge means there is no need to weigh the vehicle when loading and unloading.

Tools & measuring instruments

There is a long tradition of special tools and measuring instruments at BPW, based on decades of experience. They facilitate service work on BPW units, save working time and thereby increase your efficiency. The tool assortment has also been adapted to the new ECO Plus 2 axle generation and supplemented accordingly.

Service products

BPW's tried and tested fuels perfectly meet the specialised requirements of BPW suspensions. By using ECO-LiPlus long-lasting bearing grease, the grease showers and the A&P Spray from BPW, you can be sure bearings have been reliably lubricated and that their life expectancy has been considerably increased.

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