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Good running gear is more than just the sum of its parts. All the components have to work perfectly together in order to achieve the desired performance and economy. It's good to know that BPW always have the ideal solution - tailored to suit your particular vehicle and its specific use.

As systems manufacturers, we supply intelligent running gear systems for all types of trailers and semi-trailers. Our modular construction means that the running gear components can be combined in many different ways. And of course, you can be sure of the normal BPW high quality and excellent value for money.

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Rigid axles

BPW rigid axles are the strong backbone for your trailer. They are rugged, have an extremely high load capacity and are competitively light. After all, with ECO Plus 3, our designers have succeeded in reducing the inherent weight of each axle by up to 25 kg. For you this means we clear the way for greater efficiency.

Self-steering axles LL

The LL self-steering axle is the economic miracle of all the BPW axles. It shows off its strengths particularly when tight maneuvering is required in delivery and distribution haulage. Thanks to its greater maneuverability on corners and when making turns, you benefit from more straightforward vehicle handling, less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption - over a mileage of 100,000 kilometers that adds up to the impressive amount of approx. 1,000 litres of fuel and more than 4 tyres per vehicle. Just work that out for your entire fleet!

Positively steered axles

Due to their length and the large number of axles, high-volume and high-load transporters in particular need a much larger cornering radius than conventional semitrailer units. A steering system which acts individually on all wheels - positive steering - is used to enable them all to cope with normal roads. Indeed, positive steering systems are a legal requirement in certain vehicle configurations.

Swinging axles

With swinging axles, heavy-duty vehicles can master any critical road surface and heavy ground. This is because the highly flexible swinging bearings compensate ground unevenness and ensure optimum ground contact all the time providing greater safety for the driver and the payload. What is more, with swinging axles from the market leader BPW you benefit from reliable, easily maintained technology with optimized use of space and the advantages of high-volume production.

Special axles

Wherever a normal axle system doesn't meet the requirements - such as for box trailers or cable and car transporters - it is necessary to provide the customer with an individual solution. No problem, because BPW offers the right chassis and suspension products for almost every type of special vehicle. On request, we can develop a tailor-made solution that takes account of your own special requirements.

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