BPW Brake Cylinders for disc and drum brake axles

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Brake cylinders from BPW.

In a brake system, it is of the utmost importance to achieve an optimum interface between the individual components. The brake cylinders have a decisive role to play in this, because they have to provide a perfectly modulated force transfer within the brake system. BPW develops and produces its own brake cylinders for drum and disc brakes – further proof of our extensive expertise when it comes to brakes. As a system supplier, our product range includes diaphragm and spring-type cylinders.

Variants of BPW brake cylinders.

Features and benefits

  • Sustained high quality assured by testing and continuous quality checks (FMEA, dimension test, release pressure test, functional test on the vehicle, vibration test, dirt test, fatique strength test with one million braking cycles, hot and cold test (80° C, -40° C), force output check)
  • Improved sealing using innovative fl anging technique
  • Optimum corrosion protection for the housing components by means of various high-quality coating procedures
  • Optimum corrosion protection for the springs by means of double coating
  • Inch and metric connections available
  • BPW brake cylinders have long stroke capability as standard
  • Easy to install because of extended compressed air connection (standard in spring-type cylinders for disc brakes)
  • In drum brakes, there is no need for an external return spring between the slack adjuster and air cylinder bracket (precondition: mounting on BPW axles, round hole yoke end and lever length > 100 mm)
  • Brake cylinder sizes / brake cylinder confi gurations are calculated using BPW brake calculations for each vehicle type.
  • New ECE certifi cates and test reports are available on the BPW website

BPW Original Equipment axles can be delivered complete with brake cylinders. (Foundation brake adjustment necessary). If the lever length is > 150 mm, make sure that only long-stroke diaphragm cylinders are used. Always use long-stroke cylinders with automatic slack adjusters.

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