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Aluminium wheels really do make it easier for you to save money when driving. They only weigh half as much as steel wheels and, what's more, are more robust and smoother running. Bank on the ECO Wheel and enjoy the benefits of a forged aluminium wheel:

  • Weight saving of up to 50% compared to steel wheels - which makes for a larger payload
  • Payback in a short space of time because of the increased Ioad and lower operating costs
  • Fuel saving because of lower weight with the same Ioad
  • Reduced maintenance costs: lncreased thermal conductivity increases tyre mileage as well as the service lives of brake discs and pads
  • Enhanced ride quality thanks to lower unsprung mass
  • Environmentally friendly, because of 100% recycling capability

A robust wheel with strong advantages

Like every other BPW product, the ECO Wheel has been manufactured to the highest quality Ievels. Thanks to excellent material properties, it has high safety margins and is therefore robust and durable. At the same time, the ECO Wheel offers many other advantages: performance tested by the relevant German authorities (TÜV and the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, KBA) and a 5-year warranty. ln fact, everything that will ensure you can keep driving economically with your trailer:

  • Optimum strength due to forged, high-strength aluminium wrought alloy
  • Optical highlight: brillant or polished surface and characteristic sickle design with 120 mm offset
  • Outstanding wheel load of max. 5 t with 120 mm offset and, as a result, longer service life compared to a 4.5 t standard wheel
  • TÜV-tested and with KBA registration for all wheel sizes
  • 5-year warranty unlimited mileage
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • Quality and reliability made in Germany: Produced by a partner with more than 60 years of forging expertise
  • A brilliant look with matehing care products and wheel nut decor caps

Made in Germany: With quality and passion

As well as being light, the ECO Wheel is also extremely robust. The basis for this is the special forging alloy and high-precision production. See for yourself how craftsmanship and modern technology make each ECO Wheel into a prime example of quality with the 'Made in Germany' cachet:

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