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BPW's tried and tested fuels perfectly meet the specialised requirements of BPW suspensions. By using ECO-LiPlus long-lasting bearing grease, the grease showers and the A&P Spray from BPW, you can be sure bearings have been reliably lubricated and that their life expectancy has been considerably increased.

Features and benefits

BPW ECO-LiPlus long-life anti-friction bearing grease

In long-term studies performed by BPW into various high-quality grease types, BPW ECO-LiPlus special long-life anti-friction bearing grease achieved the best results. ECO-LiPlus is a top class lithium complex grease and is suitable for long-life applications in both normal and high-temperatures.

  • Lithium complex grease for anti-friction bearings
  • Excellent lubrication effect
  • Reduced bearing friction
  • Very good adhesion properties
  • Highly effective wear protection
  • Best corrosion protection properties
  • Can be used even in anti-friction bearings subject to high temperatures
  • Various container sizes available

BPW grease applicators

BPW grease applicators for standard tapered roller bearings are based on series production equipment and enable bearings to be greased with optimum results.

  • Precise grease quantities without uneconomical waste of grease
  • Long service life of tapered roller bearings thanks to a clean grease fill
  • Compact, enclosed design for ease of handling
  • A clean workplace and therefore no additional cleaning costs
  • A separate grease applicator for each bearing size (9 t, 10 t)
  • Available as individual components or a complete set


BPW ECO A&P (Assembly and Protection) spray ensures that bearing points on the axle stub are sealed to keep them dry and clean.

  • Good lubrication properties
  • Facilitates pulling off the hub unit
  • Long-life dry lubrication
  • Simple to use
  • Good adhesion on prepared surfaces
  • Helps protect against fretting corrosion in general

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