BPW Group

Strong together

Supplying complete running gear from one source is an achievement which can only be accomplished by a strong group of specialists - specialists who bring quite different skills into the company and who are really well acquainted with the customer locally.

The production companies

BPW carries out production at three German sites and at manufacturing sites throughout the world. They are located in Denmark, Hungary and Russia as well as in South Africa, China and Australia. As a metal-working company in a corporate group, we have highly modern processes available such as grey and spheroidal iron technologies. To these is added polymer processing with innovative products for the trailer and truck industry and telematics.

The trading and service provision companies

BPW began to establish trading companies across the whole world at an early stage. For good reasons: the local companies best know the language and culture of your country. They can assess the circumstances and market requirements precisely and through its subsidiaries, BPW has good market connections in numerous countries where our customers are provided with high quality products and competent advice on the entire range of commercial vehicles.

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