Self-steering axles LL

Better through the bends

Features and benefits

  • For axle loads from 6.4 t to 14 t
  • Versions with disc or drum brake
  • Lightest self-steering axle
  • Steering stabilisation solely load-dependent
  • Significantly lower and more even tyre wear: save more than 4 tyres over 100,000 kilometres
  • Significantly lower fuel consumption: up to 1,000 litres over 100,000 kilometres
  • Greater maneuverability, reduced transport space requirement, fewer expensive incidents of tyre damage
  • Less strain on the body, frame and road
  • Exact tracking when changing lanes
  • Particularly recommendable with the 44 tonnes regulation*
  • Simplified installation thanks to optional 3-D trailing arms, no retracted frame required
  • Permitted ratio of rigid axles to steering axles 1:1 (also applies with a lifted first axle of a tri-axle suspension)
  • Higher resale value
  • Cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating

*44 tonnes regulation according to § 34 (6) of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO): ,,When an articulated vehicle (…) is transporting (…) a 40 foot ISO container, the gross weight rating is not allowed to exceed 44 tonnes subject to the regulations for axle loads and single vehicles.”

Technical specifications

BPW self-steering axles with disc and drum brake. For axle loads from 9,000 kg to 10,000/12,000 kg.

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